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1819: Lotteries, taxes and bans, oh my!

In the latest episode of the 1819 podcast API senior fellow J. Pepper Bryars reviewed what bills passed and failed during the recent session of the State Legislature with Todd Stacy of the Alabama Daily News.
Bryars and Stacy offered insight into the details of each bill and what Alabamians may expect in the future.
Major bills that passed included a gas tax increase, an abortion ban, changes to third grade reading requirements, reforms of the state school board, pay raises for teachers and other state employees, an overhaul of the parole board, changes to how money is spent on food for those incarcerated in county jails, changes to civil asset forfeiture and other measures.
Bills that failed included a lottery, permitless carry legislation, mandatory kindergarten, an overall of the state ethics law, and a bill concerning distracting driving.
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