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Huntsville Radio: J. Pepper Bryars discusses the future of Alabama’s abortion ban

Alabama Policy Institute senior fellow J. Pepper Bryars recently discussed the future of the state’s landmark abortion ban on the Dale Jackson Show on WVNN in Huntsville.

Bryars praised the State Legislature and its leadership for passing the strongest pro-life law in the nation and welcomed any future debates on the issue.

“Step back and look at the forest rather than the trees,” Bryars said. “If the abortion debate is being had on the narrow question of exceptions for rape and incest, as it is in Alabama, then the pro-life movement has already won here.”

Jackson asked if the ban was upheld, would the State Legislature then seek to enact such exceptions as recently predicted by its leadership. Bryars said there would surely be some lawmakers who seek such changes, but that many in the pro-life movement would continue advocating for the lives of all unborn children regardless of the actions of their fathers. 

“The pro-life movement seeks to make abortion illegal and unthinkable, so we seek to change laws but also to change minds,” Bryars said, adding that the movement has a great deal of work yet to accomplish.

Listen to the interview here:

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