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Alabama Policy Institute Releases “Anchored in Alabama: Stories of Hope” to Highlight Responses of Private Enterprise and Faith Communities to COVID-19

Birmingham, Ala. – Today, the Alabama Policy Institute released its first edition of Anchored in Alabama: Stories of Hope, a weekly publication that highlights the creativity, dedication, and strength, not of the government, but of private enterprise and faith communities during the coronavirus crisis.

Every week, the Alabama Policy Institute learns of ways our private enterprises and faith communities are meeting the challenges of COVID-19 head-on. With innovation and deep care for their communities and neighbors, they display what we have always known about America and the state of Alabama. That we are a resilient people, full of ingenuity and compassion, able to adapt to massive changes in the way our society operates and ensure that help is available to those who need it.

It is these stories, stories of hope and of grace, that we will highlight in our weekly Anchored in Alabama: Stories of Hope publication.

Overall, Anchored in Alabama will serve as an aggregate of good news from local reporters and the radio and television stations, newspapers, and other news organizations for which they work. API will also, as able, offer original stories that demonstrate the tenacity, grit, and care of our people in this time of crisis.

The first ten stories we have chosen to highlight can be accessed here, listed with a short summary from API and a link to the full story as originally published. We hope you find this publication uplifting.

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