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Anchored in Alabama: Stories of Hope – Week 19

As API enters the nineteenth-week publishing Anchored in Alabama, our team continues to be encouraged by the stories we hear from you and from local media. It is clear that our faith communities and businesses are stepping up to today’s challenges.

We continue to say “Thank You” for your support of this publication. As always, we hope you find it uplifting.

Anchored in Alabama, Week Nineteen


1. Montgomery Hosts First College Football Game of Pandemic
In the first college football game of the 2020 season, Central Arkansas defeated Austin Peay State 24-7 in Montgomery’s Cramton Bowl. 2,000 tickets were sold, with most of the attendees being family members of the players. The game was played through. College football, it seems, is possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

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2. Leeds Hosts Sidewalk Film Festival
This past week Alabama hosted the 22nd Annual Sidewalk Film Festival at the Grand River Drive-In in Leeds. Typically held at a traditional theater, more than 150 movies were viewed from people’s cars and tailgates. With snacks and honking horns, it was as normal as it could be for the viewers. “I’m feeling grateful that we are able to put on an event this is in real life, although not the way we normally would,” Chloe Cook, Sidewalk’s executive director, said in an interview with Attendees’ posts on social media showed their enthusiasm for this year’s festival and suggested it was a success.

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3. Brewton Restaurant Offering Free Meals
Drexell & Honeybee’s in downtown Brewton has been making a difference in their community by serving food and feeding people at no cost to the customer. They have a private booth near the entrance that is for donations to continue the business, though it is not required. “‘Feed the Need’ is our mission statement,” Lisa Thomas-McMillan, the owner, told GNN, “Whatever needs people have, if we can help them…we will.” Although the pandemic has made it difficult for the business to continue, the owners have worked hard to operate generously.

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4. Church of the Highlands May Soon Have a Woodlawn Campus Again
Earlier this year, the Birmingham Board of Education decided to end Church of the Highlands’ lease of Woodlawn High School based largely on political images Pastor Chris Hodges ‘liked’ on Instagram. The Church did not hold the Board of Education in contempt, however, and decided to buy a school that has been abandoned since 2008. The school itself will most likely be demolished, but the church hopes the location will eventually serve as the relaunched Woodlawn campus.

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