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Press Release: API Announces Legislative Scorecard: The API Watchlist, Key Votes for 2021 Regular Session

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Today (February 2, 2021), the Alabama Policy Institute (API) announced the API Watchlist, a scorecard for Alabama’s policy makers focused heavily on the Alabama State Legislature. API also announced the criteria for grading policy makers, including the six expected “Key Votes” that will overwhelmingly determine a legislator’s score.

“The purpose of the scorecard is to inform the people of Alabama on the conservative positions their legislators take or fail to take in each legislative session,” Phil Williams, API Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel said. “Alabamians deserve to know that their legislators represent their values. The API Watchlist will give legislators and constituents alike what they want – firsthand knowledge of their ranking on the conservatives principles of free markets, limited government, and strong families.”

In the three-page scorecard overview linked here and available at, API offers legislators clear criteria as to how they will be graded for each legislative session. The majority of the grade, 70 percent, will be based on legislators’ voting records on what API has determined to be “Key Votes.” Attendance, public accessibility, and a consideration of local bills which raise taxes will constitute the remaining 30 percent.

For 2021, API has identified six “Key Votes” that legislators should be aware of before they take their seats in the State House and Senate. These are included in the scorecard overview and include bills that:

Restore the Balance of Power Between the Executive and Legislative Branches (API Supports)

Legalize Controlled Substances (API Opposes)

Offer Pandemic Relief (API Supports)

Offer Businesses Tax Relief (API Supports)

“As we have seen so often on the national level, having an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ next to your name does not mean you are conservative or liberal,” API President and CEO Caleb Crosby said. “This scorecard will highlight that reality. But this time, we’ll be looking right here at home.”

The Alabama Policy Institute (API) has a thirty-year award-winning record of research and conservative advocacy on issues of public policy. Alumni of the Board of Directors and former API staff have served, or are serving, at all levels and in every branch of state and federal government.

To learn more about the API Watchlist, API’s policy maker scorecard, download the overview here or visit

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