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A Conservative Platform for Alabama

Birmingham, Ala. – Today (January 7th, 2022), the Alabama Policy Institute (API) released A Conservative Platform for Alabama 2022, a fully developed legislative to-do list for true conservatives in the legislature or seeking elected office. 

From reforming the state’s broken budget process to establishing education freedom for all students, the platform promotes a vision of Alabama where freedom is primary, government limited, and families made stronger.

Detailed and specific, the platform offers legislators and candidates clear, workable action items founded in principle, not in politics, on all of the top issues.

“The vast majority of Alabama legislators agree that Alabama is a conservative state and that it should be governed in a conservative manner,” API President & CEO Caleb Crosby said. “At the core of the conservative vision is one idea: limited government. Unfortunately, the state legislature has drifted from this principle in recent years.”

“This shift may be intentional or it may not be,” Crosby continued. “Regardless, we must together return to our conservative precepts and tackle every issue with principle in mind. That is what this platform does. It offers both priorities and plans that can be accomplished over the next few years that will set our state up to reach its full potential. Our hope and expectation is that Alabama will become a beacon of hope for conservatives across the nation. That is, if the legislature acts.”

The full platform can be found here.

The Alabama Policy Institute (API) has a thirty-year award-winning record of research and conservative advocacy on issues of public policy. Alumni of the Board of Directors and former API staff have served, or are serving, at all levels and in every branch of state and federal government.

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