API calls on AL legislature to enact $750 million in permanent tax cuts

Birmingham, Ala. – Today (September 8th, 2022) the Alabama Policy Institute (API) calls on Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Legislature to take immediate action to enact a minimum of $750 million in permanent tax cuts for citizens. This action is part of the latest version of API’s Conservative Platform for Alabama

Many states are implementing bold rewrites of their tax codes, while Alabama falls further behind. Alabama should be a national leader, but if our legislature cannot lead, why not at least follow the examples set by our neighbors?

It is almost certain that the state will begin fiscal 2023 with a multi-billion surplus. In the coming months, lawmakers will have another historic opportunity to enact permanent tax reform. Despite what you may hear from some lawmakers, the state has the financial resources to do so. All it must do is stop the current period of unprecedented government expansion.

That is why API is calling for the enactment of at least $750 million in tax cuts, to be phased in over the next three years. API believes it is an attainable target that will still allow lawmakers the flexibility to address new state needs and retire existing state debt ahead of schedule.

Over the past few years, our state government has taken and spent more of your money than ever before and limited personal freedoms. Lawmakers must finally seize the opportunity to take less.

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