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API Supports Pregnancy Resource Act

Birmingham, Ala. – Today (April 5th, 2023), the Alabama Policy Institute (API) announced its support for HB208, introduced by Rep. Jamie Kiel, to provide a state income tax credit to individuals and businesses that make voluntary cash contributions to an eligible pregnancy center or residential maternity facility.

One of the three main tenants of the Alabama Policy Institute’s mission is the promotion of strong families. That mission includes the unyielding protection of the unborn and the encouragement of all of the stabilizing factors that traditional families create and perpetuate as the foundation to our state, our country and our society.

After the overwhelming support of the pro-life Alabama Constitutional Amendment in 2018 and the passage of the Human Life Protection Act of 2019, it is clear that most Alabamians agree with that mission. API was an ardent supporter of both and cheered when the HLPA went into effect in June of 2022.

The result of the Dobbs decision combined with the preemptive actions of the Alabama Legislature and the people of the state regarding the prohibition of abortion, abortion became effectively illegal in Alabama.

There is no dispute that many lives have been saved and there is also no dispute that many women in Alabama who might have sought abortions are in need of additional assistance for themselves and their growing families.

Alabama’s pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes provide the necessities that mothers and babies need; their needs are growing as the number in the constituency grows. The 50+ facilities in the state that provide services to expectant mothers rely upon charitable contributions; they all refuse federal and state funding and intervention.

API believes that being against abortion includes being for mothers and their children.

Supporting tax credits for the purpose of supporting the centers that are meeting mothers and babies where their needs are helps fulfill both the spirit of the pro-life movement and the intentional promotion of and support of the family.

Alabama Policy Institute supports HB 208 by Jamie Kiel and encourages our supporters to do so as well.

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