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API protects fairness, freedom, and families by investigating, initiating & informing about public policy ideas.

API believes we can make life better for Alabamians through public policy.
With new leadership, the Alabama Policy Institute is returning to our roots:

Medicaid Expansion Report

Medicaid expansion was a hot topic in the state during the 2023 regular session and the conversation continues.

API encourages the legislature to resist the urge to seek short term financial or political gain.

API's 2023 Platform

API believes smart public policy can help solve our problems.

API develops detailed policy goals and initiatives prior to each regular legislative session as a resource for Alabama elected officials and the general public.

API's School Choice Vision

Where there is competition and innovation, there is success; where there is governmental interference and control, there is stagnation.

Universal school choice is paramount to ensuring that every child in Alabama has a chance to succeed.

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