Read the full report here. The impacts of the coronavirus on the health, social wellbeing, economy, and state government of Alabama are unprecedented. To this date, millions of Alabamians have upended their lives to stop the spread of COVID-19. Over 1,000 have contracted the virus and some have succumbed to it. The effects of social distancing on the economy of Alabama and, as a result, the state’s financial well-being are likely to be dramatic as well. Budget-wise, Alabama could see a decrease of $1.3 billion in the Education Trust Fund budget if income and sales tax drop by 20%. The General Fund could also see its funding stream decrease by $400 million, assuming a 20% decrease in its revenue sources as well. The teetering economy also increases pressure on the already-underfunded Retirement Systems of Alabama, which supposes as generous 8% annual return. Additionally, legislative priorities for the year that had gained significant traction, including the approval of medical marijuana, a ban on transgender surgeries and therapies for minors, a statewide lottery, and more have been sidelined.