Since the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion has been legal in the United States.1 While the federal government has legalized abortion, in Alabama, a majority of citizens do not agree with abortion due to the consequences of the procedure physically, emotionally, and mentally for the mother and the immorality of killing a defenseless child.2 Abortion has been a key issue throughout the nation as well as in Alabama, and learning the background of this issue can help policymakers draft legislation that keeps both future mothers contemplating abortion and defenseless unborn children safe.

Issue Snapshot

— 5,899 abortions took place in Alabama in 20153

— 12% of all pregnancies in the state end in abortion4

— The abortion rate (the number of abortions per 1,000 women) has decreased from 14.3 to 8.3 over the past 15 years5

— 59% of Alabama women have access to an abortion provider in their county6

— Every day, 16 abortions take place in Alabama7


— Alabama’s current laws regarding abortion help to increase the emotional and physical safety of expectant mothers and defenseless unborn children, but stricter legislation can help to decrease the amount of abortions within the state.

— Alabama legislators should consider introducing stricter abortion legislation in order to decrease the high number of abortions within the state.

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