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Statewide Amendment 1: Judicial Retirement Reform

In this latest Guide to the Issue, API breaks down Statewide Amendment 1, which would make cost-saving changes to the retirement plans of future judges and district attorneys. Alabama's Judicial Retirement Fund is currently only 58% funded. Alabama taxpa ...

Reforming Teacher Tenure Resize

Reforming Teacher Tenure in Alabama

In this study, Reforming Teacher Tenure in Alabama, author Andrew A. Yerbey describes the origins of teacher tenure and explains its present problems, and then offers four reforms. The goal of these reforms is, as the study notes, “so that all students ar ...

Defined Benefits Resized

Infographic: Defined Benefit Plans Explained

Public pensions systems across the country are struggling with lower than expected investment returns. Just this morning, reported that investments supporting Alabama's Teachers' Retirement System earned a 1.04% rate of return. As currently structu ...

Medicaid Expansion Resized

Infographic: Medicaid Expansion in Alabama

In this latest By the Numbers, API examines the dollars and cents of Medicaid expansion in Alabama. Recently, this debate took a strange (yet predictable) turn when Governor Bentley's Health Care Improvement Task Force called for the expansion of Medicaid ...

Michigan v. EPA Resized

Michigan v. EPA

In this latest Guide to the Issue, API breaks down the Supreme Court's decision in Michigan v. EPA. Twenty-one states and energy industry groups sued the EPA over a burdensome rule that tightened the amount of mercury and other pollutants t ...

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Infographic: King v. Burwell

Could Alabamians benefit from a ruling against the Affordable Care Act? A ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in this case would give the Republican-run Congress its first real opportunity to deliver on campaign promises to "repeal and replace Obamacare." ...

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King v. Burwell

In this latest Guide to the Issue, API recaps the argument presented in King v. Burwell which the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on any day now. In this case, the Court will decide whether or not the issuance of health insurance subsidies through a nat ...

Medicaid Prescription Reform Resize

Medicaid Prescription Reform

Cost-savings with Medicaid would help alleviate General Fund strain. Our paper explores savings regarding prescription drug distribution. Click Here to Download Report

Personnel Boards Resized

Repeal of Mandatory Personnel Boards

Personnel Boards were created in response to a perceived “spoils system” within local government whereby newly elected officials were regularly replacing experienced employees with their political friends. Today, these boards are described as dysfunctiona ...