2022 Legislative Questionnaire

Below is an opportunity to answer questions about current and potential legislative issues.



1a. Will you oppose all legislative efforts to expand gambling?(Required)
1b. Do you believe present laws prohibiting gambling should be enforced?(Required)
2. Do you oppose government health care mandates at the state level and, conversely, support free market solutions in health care made without governmental interference?(Required)
3. Will you support a time constraint on the emergency use of government powers?(Required)
4. Will you support legislation that gives legislature the power to call itself into special session?(Required)
5a. Do you pledge to fully defund Planned Parenthood and all other abortion providers at the state level?(Required)
5b. Will you support legislation to ban the use of fetal cell tissue in biomedical research?(Required)
6. Are you in favor of abolishing the Certificate of Need (CON) program?(Required)
7a. Are you in favor of school choice?(Required)
7b. If given the opportunity, would you have voted for SB140 (Parent's Choice Act) as filed?(Required)
8. Are you opposed to any future tax increases on Alabama citizens and businesses?(Required)
9. If given the opportunity, would you have voted for HB174 (concerning sales and use tax on food) as filed?(Required)
10. Are you in favor of making the State Health Officer a cabinet level position?(Required)
11. Do you think the current period of historic state government growth is sustainable?(Required)
12. Would you support State General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets that reduce spending?(Required)