Ensure Transparency in Public School Curriculum and Materials

Parents should be able to access what their children are being taught. School curricular materials including syllabi, lists of textbooks, information regarding teacher-created assignments, and books or worksheets should all be easily accessible. In addition, content that administrators and educators use for teacher professional development training sessions should be made available both to the public and to parents. Parents deserve to know what their children are learning and how they are being advised by administrators, counselors, and teachers. 

During the 2024 Regular Legislative Session, lawmakers recognized the fundamental right of parents to have that accessibility. Senate Bill 48, sponsored by President Pro Tem Greg Reed and Representative Matt Woods, requires that every K-12 public school post classroom curriculum on its website at the beginning of each school year or within 30 days of a new or revised curriculum being adopted. The bill further provides that classroom teachers make instructional materials, supplementary instructional materials, and classroom books available to parents upon request.