Oppose All Attempts to Expand Gambling or Establish a Lottery in Alabama


Legalizing casino-style gambling in the state and establishing a statewide lottery is bad public policy, both fiscally and socially, and it is the wrong solution to address the states unsustainable fiscal trajectory. Regardless of who plays the lottery or gambles (and regardless of the outcome), the government receives a portion of every dollar spent on these activities. This creates a perverse incentive for the state, especially when conventional revenue streams are volatile. The state becomes addicted to these funding streams, with politicians actually desiring for more and more individuals and families to recklessly spend their money gambling. If a lottery is instituted or gambling increased, calls to further increase gambling will become incessant and government expansion will likely follow in its wake. In April 2022, Governor Kay Ivey said that her biggest regret of the 2022 Regular Session was that gambling legislation did not pass. Given her comments, gambling and lottery legislation is almost certain to come before the legislature again, whether it be through a Special Session or the next Regular Session. Legislators, therefore, should oppose any attempts to increase gambling or establish a state-run lottery. Suggesting that it is an issue that is left up to the voters” is not an appropriate response for a conservative legislator.