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The Alabama Policy Institute is pleased to present Cultural Indicators 2020 for Alabama and the United States. This study tracks various Alabama-specific and national measures of societal well-being dating back to 1960, as statistics are available. Chapters are devoted to vital statistics; crime; education; family; health; poverty and welfare; and business and government.

Dr. John Hill is Research Fellow at the Alabama Policy Institute. Over API’s thirty-year history, he has authored more than thirty publications on education, energy, the state of the environment, the health of families, gambling, and government growth. He is the primary author of three of API’s signature serial publications–Cultural Indicators for Alabama and the United States, Environmental Indicators, and How Business Friendly are Alabama’s 50 Largest Cities? Dr. Hill is a professor at Amridge University, where he teaches statistics, research methods, and a variety of communication courses. He is also an adjunct professor at Faulkner University, where he teaches business statistics. As president of American Indicators, a statistical consulting service, Dr. Hill partners with think tanks in other states to produce custom reports on policy issues and cultural trends. Dr. Hill holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Alabama and an M.A. in Speech from the University of Memphis.