Caleb Crosby

President & CEO

Carl Jones

Chief Operations Officer

Carl Jones joined the API team in the summer of 2018. He is from Mobile, Alabama, and has a Finance Degree from Louisiana State University. He received a commission in the Marine Corps in 1985 and served 12 years as a Marine aviator. He transferred to the Alabama Air National Guard in 1997 and lived […]

Phil Williams, J.D.

Distinguished Fellow

Phil is the President and on-air talent for the syndicated radio show known to the world as Rightside Radio. With a mission to enlighten, empower, educate and entertain its audience on conservative principles every day, Rightside has taken the conservative news/talk audience by storm in Alabama. Phil was formerly the Chief Policy Officer & General […]

Bobby Jordan

Advancement Officer

Bobby Jordan, a native of Gadsden, Alabama, currently resides in Glencoe and joined the Alabama Policy Institute in March 2020. He is a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a double major in Marketing and Economics. Bobby comes to API after retiring from a successful 32 year career with Merck, Sharp, & Dohme (MSD), where […]

Scott Stantis

Distinguished Fellow

Scott Stantis joined the Alabama Policy Institute in October 2020 and has a long and successful career in journalism and media. Scott joined the staff of the Chicago Tribune in 2009 following a 13-year stint as the editorial cartoonist for The Birmingham News where he lampooned the likes of Fob James, Don Seigelman and Roy […]

Meredith Stanley

Office Manager

Meredith Stanley serves as Office Manager of the Alabama Policy Institute and joined the API staff in the summer of 2018. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Meredith earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. She moved to Birmingham shortly thereafter to complete the Briarwood Fellows program, where she received theology, leadership, and ministry training […]

Justin Bogie

Senior Director of Fiscal Policy

Justin Bogie joined the API team in March of 2020. A native of Wetumpka, Alabama, he holds a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in political science and a master’s degree in public administration from Auburn University Montgomery. Justin has more than a decade of federal and state policy experience. He joins API from The Heritage […]

Emma Gibney

Policy Communications Manager

Emma Gibney serves as Policy Communications Manager of the Alabama Policy Institute. Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Emma earned her bachelor’s degree from Furman University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has spent the last few years working in marketing and public relations, most recently […]

Senator Bill Hightower

Distinguished Fellow

Senator Bill Hightower was consistently ranked among the most conservative members during his tenure as a State Senator. He quickly gained a reputation in Montgomery as a conservative reformer who relentlessly pushed for lower taxes and smaller government – even sponsoring legislation to change Alabama to a Flat Tax and enact Term Limits.  In addition […]

Professor John Hill, Ph.D.

Fellow and Resident Scholar

Dr. John Hill is a Fellow and Resident Scholar at the Alabama Policy Institute Over API’s thirty-plus-year history, he has authored more than thirty publications on education, energy, the state of the environment, the health of families, gambling, and government growth. He is the primary author of three of API’s signature serial publications: Cultural Indicators […]

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