Educational Freedom in Alabama 2023-24

School Choice is being hotly debated in the State of Alabama. 

One of the three tenets of the Alabama Policy Institute’s mission is to promote and defend families as the primary foundation to society. Therefore, School Choice initiatives that acknowledge and strengthen the role of parents in their innate responsibility to educate and raise their children are a priority for API.  

Regardless of the tools involved, the goal of school choice is to give parents agency to educate each of their children as they see fit. Further, the re-introduction and expansion of free-market principles have and will continue to improve the station of education in our state. Where there is competition and innovation, there is success; where there is governmental interference and control, there is stagnation. 

API believes that universal school choice is paramount to ensuring that every child in Alabama has a chance to flourish. 

API believes that applying free market principles to public, private, and home education opportunities will open new avenues for success in all areas of education. 

An educational system that is truly focused on educational freedom would reject the current monopolistic system that has little to no financial accountability and limited academic success. Alabama’s educational system should solely focus on what education is supposed to be all about: teaching kids. Alabama’s educational system shouldn’t be focused upon funding systems, but upon empowering and helping parents to educate their children.

Alabama can benefit from the example of other states who have already discovered that significant individual and collective academic success is found in expanding school choice options and empowering parents to make the best decisions for their families when it comes to the education of their children.   

In many areas of the country, including Alabama, the monopoly system of public schools have failed to educate students adequately and it’s time to give every single parent in the state the financial ability and freedom to opt out for the betterment of their children.