API’s mission is to improve the lives of Alabamians through public policy that honors the principles of free markets, limited government, and strong families.

API believes state government should be built upon a framework that adheres to common principles that reflect the values of Alabamians; state government shouldn’t seek to take power away from the people or pick winners and losers. Alabama’s Certificate of Need (CON) structure necessitates undue state governmental influence by allowing an external entity to choose winners and losers in healthcare. The only winners in government policy decisions should be the citizens and taxpayers of the state.

API believes that the first principle of government should be freedom. Alabamians should be free from governmental influence except when it is absolutely necessary. Competition provides financial incentives to discover new technologies and competition always drives down cost.

In states where CON laws have been curtailed or abolished, citizens receive increased options and pricing. API believes limited government governs best and that individual freedom declines as government power increases.

It is time for the Alabama Legislature to repeal CON regulations and unleash the power of the free market.