Permanent Tax Relief Should be the Alabama Legislature’s Top Fiscal Priority in 2023

During the 2023 Regular Legislative Session, lawmakers will be tasked with allocating a total state revenue surplus of $3 billion. This is excess money that came directly from the wallets of Alabamians. It should be returned to its rightful owners, not used to continue the historic expansion of state government.
There are a number tax relief of proposals currently being discussed by lawmakers, including one-time tax rebates, reducing occupational taxes, repealing some portion of the state sales tax on groceries, eliminating the state’s lowest income tax bracket, and reducing the state’s top 5% income tax bracket by 0.05%, among others. Lawmakers should be applauded for their willingness to debate and pursue various forms of tax relief for hard-working Alabama families.
The attached report outlines current proposals, but the clear message is that Governor Ivey and the Alabama Legislature must use these as a starting point and continue to push for bolder and permanent tax relief measures benefitting all Alabamians.