API Releases Workforce Participation Report

The Alabama Policy Institute has released a comprehensive workforce participation report today. API has researched and enumerates a wide range of factors that influence the state’s labor force participation rate. Increasing dependent care needs, automation in manufacturing, the opioid crisis, the decline of the nuclear family, inflation, the pandemic, expanded unemployment benefits, skills mismatches, and an aging population are all strong contributors to the decline in the labor force in recent years. API reports that other states, such as Utah, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa are experiencing better workforce participation rates than most of the country due to a variety of factors: younger population, lower drug addiction rates, recruitment efforts to encourage the emigration and retention of college students. Alabama leaders have taken note of the state’s exceptionally low labor force participation rate and are introducing solutions. API addresses both the problems and the clear requirement for creative solutions to ameliorate Alabama’s workforce participation rate.

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